Biouvac under Skuta and further up to Turska gora

For years I dreamt of visiting the famous biouvac under Skuta but always knew it was not the easiest of tasks. Hiking up a mountain can be quite a challenging, but also a rewarding experience. From the beginning, you have the opportunity to be surrounded by nature and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors. As you progress, the breathtaking views motivate you to reach the summit. With each step forward, you gain more confidence and strength. Along the way, you take breaks to take photos, marvel at the sights, and take in the fresh air. And you know that the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment when reaching the mountaintop shall be worth every step!

Setting off over Žmavčarji

The journey began on a sunny October early morning. With a sense of excitement and anticipation we set off. The trail we chose winds up to the steep slopes of Žmavčarji, a quite well beaten path because everybody wants to visit the biouvac under Skuta. All that said, the trail is unmarked and definitely not trivial. On the Swiss Hiking Scale it would be rated as a T4 path. That indicates an Alpine trail for which hiking boots are essential, you have to use your hands to move forward and deal with exposed areas.

Autumnal mountain fairy tale

As we moved further up the trail, the terrain became steeper, rocky and uneven. This is where you need to be careful with every step you take. Some exposed places were once secured with a cable, but those are long since torn. Despite the challenges I did not let the difficult terrain dampen my spirits on that sunny late autumn day. After all, it was my birthday and this was the best present I could ask for.

Biouvac under Skuta

When we reached the top of the Žmavčarji trail, we entered the high plateau of Mali podi and were greeted by the view of the bivouac at the altitude of 2070 m. This impressive wooden shelter was designed on the basis of traditional Slovene alpine architecture and is very popular among hikers from all over the world. Definitely a bit too much, especially during the summer months.

Mt. Turska gora

From the bivouac, we continued our journey along an unmarked path that follows the ridge. Soon we arrived at the marked trail to Turska gora and followed it to Turski žleb, and from there straight on to the top. The journey from the bivouac to the top of Turska gora takes about an hour.

This hike to the biouvac under Skuta and Turska gora was awe inspiring. The view of the Kamnik Saddle from the mountaintop left me practically speechless! The largest print of the view I took that day hangs right above my desk, reminding me every day of all the things I should be grateful for.

Geocaches found:

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