Christmastime in Kamnik

Christmastime Šutna

Christmastime, that special time of the year. Snow or no snow, it is magical anyway. And Kamnik, our small town below the Alps, offers a truly unforgettable Christmas experience. With numerous musical events/concerts, an ice rink and thousands of lights it creates an atmosphere you will never forget.

Christmastime in this medieval town

What is it, that makes this experience so magical? Well, Kamnik is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Slovenia and festive lights make it sparkle like a diamond. Whether you take a stroll under the Christmas lights, visit the market stalls, try your skating skills or let yourself be entertained at the one of many live concerts, be sure it will be an experience like no other.

Under a thousand lights

Did I get your attention already? If not, this shot of Šutna, a cobbled street with distinctive medieval houses, under a blanket of lights, surely will.

Christmastime Šutna

Next year, make it a priority to visit our festive Alpine town. Ok?

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