Fortica above Omiš: the best view in town

In summer months tourists flood the beaches and towns of Dalmatia. One of the popular destinations is Omiš, a small town at the mouth of the Cetina river, situated 25 kilometres south-east of Croatia’s second largest city, Split. Omiš has centuries of rich and diverse history.

Omiš through the ages

It was first mentioned back in Greek and Roman times. In the medieval times it formed as a pirate town, much to the anguish of Venetian sailors. Later on Omiš became a part of the Bosnian Kingdom and was sold to the Venetian republic. With the downfall of the latter, Omiš fell under the Austrian Empire until the end of the World War I, which saw the formation of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. After the World War II, the Yugoslav Union was reestablished under new rule and dissolved again in 1991 with Croatia (and Slovenia) declaring their independence. But enough of the history lesson.

The town today

As I mentioned, Omiš today is an attractive Croatian destination with tourism being its main source of income. This Dalmatian town has a lot to offer but I am not gonna tell you about the beaches and the food and things like that. No. Let’s talk hiking because that’s why we’re here, right?

Steep terrain, stunning views of Omiš and a medieval fortress on top should convince every avid hiker to venture up the hill. There are quite a few routes leading to the top, with the shortest and steepest starting between the tunnels on the southern side of the Cetina river. This is the one we took. But if you happen to not forget your climbing gear at home, you can also conquer a via ferrata trail. Still salty about that.

Fortica and the Omiš view

Hiking during the day in summer heat is probably (most definitely) not the wisest of ideas so I suggest that you plan your hike during sunset. Or maybe at sunrise but only if you’re willing to wake up when it’s still dark outside. Remember, you’re on holiday. Party till late hours and exercise at sunset.

The hike is short but sweet (with a lot of sweat and probably swearing, too) and the view is nothing short of magic. Especially in the golden light of the setting sun!

I think we can all agree that the view itself was all worth it. But believe me, the whole experience is more than worthwhile.

Geocaches found:

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