Planjava through Repov kot

Planjava and Repov kot

The Repov kot valley has to be one of the the nicest parts of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. This unmarked passage is described as a demanding one, mainly due to a few unsecured sections of easier climbing. Hands down it is the perfect access to Mt. Planjava, a peak east of Kamniško sedlo (The Kamnik Saddle).

Magical Repov kot

The scenery here is spellbinding with the monumental Zeleniške špice and Kamniški dedec on the right and the Planjava ridge with the east wall on the left. Adding to this splendour, the sound of a waterfall on your right and three pools a bit further on transform this land into a fairytale setting. As inviting as these green pools may seem it is probably best to keep going as there is still a lot ahead. A trail leading up to Srebrno sedlo (The Silver Saddle) is a steep and long one and, as mentioned before, includes some unsecured climbing.

Breakfast at Srebrno sedlo

When you reach Srebrno sedlo you definitely deserve a nice breakfast with a view. This is also where the unmarked trail ends and joins the marked one from the Korošica Plateau. After a short stop it is time to hit the slopes again. The ascent to Planjava from here on is a moderate one and quite easy compared to the Repov kot part. Luscious green meadows are now replaced by harsh gray rocks, but the views are becoming increasingly more scenic.

Mt. Planjava

After some four and a half hours of hiking you reach the top of Mt. Planjava. Actually it has two peaks: the Western Planjava Peak (2394 m) and the Eastern Planjava Peak (2392 m). As it is quite common at such elevations, we were greeted by fog and the views were slighly less scenic than preferred. Planjava is one of the most visited peaks in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. That means a lot of people up there and calls for a few panoramic snaps & a quick getaway.

Descent from Planjava towards Kamniško sedlo

We actually skipped the Kamnik Saddle and joined that marked trail further below at Pastirci (it translates as The Shepherds), named so after a shepherd’s hut that once stood there. The descent was a picturesque one with no other hikers around, a sharp contrast to the crowded Planjava we left behind. One would surely wish for a clearer and bluer sky like the day we climbed the highest peak in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. And no injuries. What happened was that I got hold of a dry branch, which broke off, and I lost my balance. After a couple of cartwheels on the sharp rocks it ended well, with only three stitches above my eye.

But all in all, Planjava through Repov kot is magical, miraculous, almost other-worldly.

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